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Wednesday, 30 December 2015


I would like to dedicate this word to my friends that helped me RISE this year and made it be one epic year!! TP, SE, CE, MO.

There are so many meanings to this awesome little word,

'upward movement', 'Spring, source, origin, beginning.move from a lower position to a higher one.
And then my favourite 'to return from death'
Dr Wayne Dyer tells a great story starting with this quote ' if you learn to die when you alive .....
I want to share with you a piece I wrote in April this year, it was the emotional place I was at and had more 'duvet' days than not.
But the moral of the story is this, no matter where u are at in your life have the courage to RISE
was in the dark grips of my loss this morning , loss of what could have been , knowing I co-created this loss, but not being able to change it ,knowing how much pain I caused to everyone who loves me.
Tears streaming from my eyes my heart feeling so bruised , beating softly in my chest like a mom patting her child , hushing me  with her gentle tap. Even in my raw vulnerable state of mind I give gratitude to my caring heart beating , beating,  even when I feel , and my head believes that it is completely broken , dying.

I touch my heart and feel the rhythm of the beat , calming me ... Forcing me to understand that regardless of my emotions right this minute it stands by me in its strength , endurance and trust in the next second , minute , day beating out the ancient rhythm of love and life.

Gratitude I give to you my gentle beating heart for when my spirit feels small and broken u pick me up and lead on with your charming unwavering beat .

I wish all my readers a SUPER NOVA of a New Year !!!
MUCH LOVE ❤️❤️❤️

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