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Monday, 30 November 2015


The battle of TRUTH versus EGO

Sometimes the TRUTH is tough to face, truth doesn't ever back down because it doesn't know how to, it is TRUTH after all.
All of us had to at one time or another face the truth about a situation.
It wakes you up in the darkest hour of the night, random times in the day, it is there with you forcing you to face it deal with it.
Then there is EGO fickle, always wanting to be right, making excuses for the situation, giving you 'but's' and maybes, and false hope about truth but never reality.
We cling onto ego's reasons for as long as we can.
TRUTH doesn't do that, truth  is solid, real and stern and never goes away.
That is until you accept it, embrace it and realise it is not the enemy.
Truth is a gift and once we stop avoiding truth and have the courage to face it, we see that truth is kind and real and showing you another path.

Moral of this story: TRUTH is liquid steel that flows through us, giving us the strength and courage to deal with anything, so follow your truth and not your ego
Much love ❤️❤️❤️

Friday, 20 November 2015


It is a grey rainy day here in England and  has been for a few days now. Grey rainy days can be awesome, but they can also make you forget that the sun is shining somewhere else, so looking for inspiration this happy little word found me.


From the Urban dictionary and I quote 'originally from the word~ SENSOUS~ but adapted to the Spanish speaking world. 
SENSUS refers to something that is simply AWESOME!. When all the STARS are aligned and the universe conspires in your favour -you had a SENSUS moment !!!!!!
LOVE this word , so this is my MANTRA today 
Enjoy and keep your mind on the Mantra  and the Mantra on your mind.
Have a SENSUS day ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Sunday, 15 November 2015


Does silence truly exist? 

SYNONYMS:   Quietude, stillness, tranquility, peacefulness. The absence of sound.

Do you ever feel so inundated  with sound, that you wish you could just switch off, if it's not the television or radio, the media, telling you what to buy, what to plan for your life, what's happening in the world, what's on trend, what the weather is doing etc. ...
Or people talking about each other mostly, she said this , he did that.
And then there is social media and I suppose even me writing about it, is talking. Facebook, Twitter , they inform, they inspire, and yes I know you READ it, and I don't know about you but  even when I read it's my voice talking in my head , so truly what  is silence? 

SILENCE is an illusion and my version of silence is listening to nature , the wind , rain and feeling the sun on my skin. 
The most exquisite silence however is gently touching the skin of someone you love unconditionally, the focused  intent when no words are needed, when a touch is enough 
ENJOY all your versions of SILENCE ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Wednesday, 11 November 2015


Satori meaning: The experience of comprehension, understanding, seeing into one's true nature, enlightenment.
An intuitive experience.
The feeling of Satori is that of infinite space.
Satori is your uncovering of you a direct and real illumination that cannot be described ONLY EXPERIENCED.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015


I started thinking about this word after watching the movie "saving Mr Banks" a story loosely based on the writer of Mary Poppins, P.L Travers and her childhood.

We all have "bittersweet" memories about our childhood and in general about our lives.
For some reason though we tend to hold onto the bitter and forget the sweet.
So I have a sweet Liitle story I want to share with you.
I had 4 woman in my life.
My birth mother, my adoptive mother, my nan and my step-mom all amazing woman.

This story is about my adoptive mom.
I vaguely remember a tall stylish woman very much in love with her husband, having fun, having friends around dancing and laughing,
 then something changed and as a little girl I didn't really understand what was happening but the laughter got less and instead of party's people came around to pray around her bed, I remember words like 'lumber punch' and numerous hospital appointments even a "faith healing" outing but that is a crazy story for another day!
My nan moved in to look after us as she got more ill.
She had MS, and eventually couldn't do much for herself, but the memory that sticks in my mind the most about that time is this......
Every  Friday my Dad came home from work at 
lunchtime, washed and dressed his wife, carried her to the car,  drove her to the hairstylist for her to have her hair washed and styled knowing how happy this made her, giving her back a bit of her old life.
So like the Mary Poppins song 'a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down'
Make yourself a daisy chain of sweet memories to cherish and dissolve the bitter. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Sunday, 8 November 2015


Sometimes adverb; occasionally rather than all the time.

It is OK sometimes, not to want to face the world.
This too will pass
It is OK sometimes, not to want to deal with stuff
This too will pass
It is OK sometimes, just to have a mini breakdown 
This too will pass
It is OK sometimes, just to be in a shitty mood
This too will pass
It is OK sometimes, to be heartbroken 
This too will pass
It is OK sometimes, to throw a bitch fit 
This too will pass
It's OK sometimes, just to be sad for no reason 
This too will pass
It is Ok sometimes just to be human
This too will pass ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Friday, 6 November 2015


An act to choose between two or more possibilities.

Everyday most of us are faced with choices, some may be life changing some not so much.
The fact is every choice you make has got a consequence, and I'm not saying necessarily bad or good just a consequence.
 If you don't choose the right mattress you certainly will not get a good night sleep, just as important as what you choose to do with your life or who you choose to have in your life.
There is this James Allen quote "circumstances do not make the man, they reveal him"
This can be said about your choices as your life stands now is a result of your choices.
The point I'm making is this, make your choices for yourself your own happiness , not based on what's expected from you or what you believe people will think of you.
Step back from any preconceived ideas or from past believes you may have about yourself.
Go into your neutral zone and FEEL then make your choice.
A few years ago I came into a sum of money, friends and family (because they love me) gave me safe advise, buy a property,  buy shares, put the money in the bank in savings.
Well of course I didn't do any of that , I spent  all of it! 
One day I was on top of mt. Maunganui in the snow , the next on the beach watching surfers in Bali and the next watching the great Southern Right whales birthing in Hermanus , Cape Town . Was that the "right" choice.
If you could see me now, you will see the biggest smile on my face.
I chose what was right for me and my happiness after all I have to live with my choices nobody else, so you know what to do, make your choices based on your happiness.
A miserable person is a BURDEN to everyone around them.

Thursday, 5 November 2015


❤️ this is not today's word, this is me saying it will be AWESOME for  all of you to get involved and help me  share your stories and words.
I would love to hear from you, so email me anytime.
Much love ❤️

Wednesday, 4 November 2015


Angels part 3.

So I've been to the Angel class, done the angel diary, had my golden flower experience,  so what next? 

A Sunday morning in April Scousy  and I arranged to visit Doggs little grave."I will be at yours for 10 be ready" 
So ready I was on the dot 10am
10.20 I get a call from Scousy's son "hey Karin dad is on his way, first he couldn't get the bike out the back, then it fell over when he washed it down, then he forgot his wallet but he is on route now" 
"Odd" I thought,  it is like something is telling me not to do this.
Anyway he arrived on his sports bike and with me on the back,  off we went. 
We visit Doggs grave and made our way back to mine. 
I was sitting on the back of the bike enjoying the ride it was a lovely day, a strange feeling came over me....  "Angel Michael " I said" I have  a weird feeling, please can you wrap your wings around me and protect us today" now crazy as it sounds that is exactly what went through my mind and I saw these huge beautiful wings wrapped around me. 
A few miles later Scousy tapped me on the leg a sign that we gonna accelerate we passed a few cars and got onto a straight road. 
This is when it all happened!!!..... I relaxed slacked of holding on so tight,when suddenly we accelerated again! 
Oh shit !!! I was falling backward of the bike at 80 miles an hour !! I tried to grab on but it was useless. Everything happened in slow motion. 
My head hit the tar, a car was heading towards me , I was bouncing, rolling saw the sky the tree's the grass but not my life flashing in front of me ..... This is when I knew  I was safe after all...I did ask Angel Michael to protect me, today was not the day for me to die.
Suddenly everything stopped, I laid there for a few seconds assessing my body.
The ambulance arrived and apart from a broken wrist and a few scratches I was fine.
 Smiling I thanked Angel Michael" WOW you guys totally are for real" I muttered to myself. 
So next time u call upon the 'parking Angel'  for a space remember this, these are the messengers between u and your God, supreme beings here to protect us and be part of our lives,  the Angels are so much more than just parking attendants for sure ! 
Go ahead put it to the test ask the Angels what u want, keep that gratitude diary, and they may just surprise you! Have faith, and I'm not talking about the religious type of faith, but the KNOWING  kinda faith that makes everything in this incredible universe of ours work spontaneously, like nature.
I for one have complete faith in these celestial beings and see daily the miracles the Angels bestow on us.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015


About a month ago I was sitting surrounded by all my notebooks, well about 5 of them, when my friend Tara walked in. "What are you doing? " she asked. " I don't really know," I said " I have all these notebooks full of stuff I write and nothing to do with it". "Blog" Tara says in her straight forward way.

"You must be kidding me, I know nothing about blogging!, but hey I may just give it a try".
And here we are a month into my blogging and over a thousand views, I am totally blown away and astonished at your response.
Thank you, thank you. Thank you my guru Dr. Wayne Dyer says and I quote "how may I serve?" And if by writing what goes on in my head just creates one smile, inspire one person, or make someone think about stuff then I have accomplished what I have set out to do. I am so grateful to all of you that over the month has taken the time to look at my blog!! Let's do this and share the positive vibes ❤️❤️❤️❤️ much love woman❤️words.

Monday, 2 November 2015




After the Angel class I started keeping my Angel diary of gratitude.This was not always easy because it was one of those tough years , a breakup , my children living on the other side of the world and my Dad passed away a year of losses.

Many of the things I wrote was just pouring out of my broken soul and I didn't even register half the time what was falling on the pages.

 One  night or to be more precise 4am in the morning I got a call from Scousy  (on, off relationship, off at the time ) telling me that our dog who we got as a puppy and now was only 3 was very ill. Over the last few years he had been getting kidney infections. I rushed over and yes Benni the dogg (his full name) was truly hallucinating his kidneys has collapsed. 

The next morning we all got in the car distraught with heartache, Dogg laying by my feet, we were taking him to the vet knowing it was time to let him go.

STOP THE CAR I shouted , baffled by my outburst Scousy questioned 'but why?' Please just stop I said, I need to take a offering. He stopped I jumped out of the car and on the side of the road was Daffodils I grabbed 4 and jumped back in.

I strung the stems through my fingers not wanting  to crush the flowers  and as I looked down through my tears the 4 daffodils blurred into ONE and the GOLDEN FLOWER appeared in my hands.

Make of this what you want but I truly believe this was the Angels golden flower.

We stayed with Benni the Dogg as he passed over and put his ashes in his favourite spot where every spring bunches of Daffodils appear  to my delight 

A few months later I picked up my angel diary which was now forgotten at the back of a drawer and started reading bits I had written, one of my last entry's the Sunday before Dogg passed was a request ANGELS I had written 'please take away Benni the Doggs pain.'  I still don't remember writing this but it seems the Angels did.

There is one more part to this story and then I will move onto another word.

Sunday, 1 November 2015


Let me ask you a question.
What is your view on Angels? 
Loaded question, I know We all have our own opinions based on either a personal experience a believe or lack of believe.
I would like to share with you a 3 part story based on personal experience.
Whilst having lunch with my friend Debbie she starts the conversation like this.
'I'm going to a angel class this weekend why don't you come with me?
Rolling my eyes 'you must be kidding me, can't we just go shopping?ok!ok I reluctantly agree best it not be a bunch of weirdo's wearing long purple skirts I mutter downing my wine at the thought.
As we arrive a tall lady in a long purple skirt walks up to meet us, I glare at Debbie with my death stare and she starts giggling.
We join about 10 other people sitting in a circle, the lady in the purple skirt starts explaining how Angels play a part in our lives and their purpose and that we only have to ask for their help, keep a angel diary of daily gratitude and leave the rest up to them. Done.

Next we joined in a guided meditation to meet our guardian Angels and we can ask for a gift from them.
Well I was intrigued by the gift and slipped into meditation.
I went into my zone and trust me nobody was more surprised than me when I heard her say you will now receive your gift and as clear as daylight I saw a GOLDEN FLOWER in my hand.
What does that mean I asked super excited, she smiled her serene little smile and said 'I don't know Karin but I believe it may be very spiritual 
And very spiritual it was. In my next blog I will tell you about the GOLDEN FLOWER....