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Wednesday, 4 November 2015


Angels part 3.

So I've been to the Angel class, done the angel diary, had my golden flower experience,  so what next? 

A Sunday morning in April Scousy  and I arranged to visit Doggs little grave."I will be at yours for 10 be ready" 
So ready I was on the dot 10am
10.20 I get a call from Scousy's son "hey Karin dad is on his way, first he couldn't get the bike out the back, then it fell over when he washed it down, then he forgot his wallet but he is on route now" 
"Odd" I thought,  it is like something is telling me not to do this.
Anyway he arrived on his sports bike and with me on the back,  off we went. 
We visit Doggs grave and made our way back to mine. 
I was sitting on the back of the bike enjoying the ride it was a lovely day, a strange feeling came over me....  "Angel Michael " I said" I have  a weird feeling, please can you wrap your wings around me and protect us today" now crazy as it sounds that is exactly what went through my mind and I saw these huge beautiful wings wrapped around me. 
A few miles later Scousy tapped me on the leg a sign that we gonna accelerate we passed a few cars and got onto a straight road. 
This is when it all happened!!!..... I relaxed slacked of holding on so tight,when suddenly we accelerated again! 
Oh shit !!! I was falling backward of the bike at 80 miles an hour !! I tried to grab on but it was useless. Everything happened in slow motion. 
My head hit the tar, a car was heading towards me , I was bouncing, rolling saw the sky the tree's the grass but not my life flashing in front of me ..... This is when I knew  I was safe after all...I did ask Angel Michael to protect me, today was not the day for me to die.
Suddenly everything stopped, I laid there for a few seconds assessing my body.
The ambulance arrived and apart from a broken wrist and a few scratches I was fine.
 Smiling I thanked Angel Michael" WOW you guys totally are for real" I muttered to myself. 
So next time u call upon the 'parking Angel'  for a space remember this, these are the messengers between u and your God, supreme beings here to protect us and be part of our lives,  the Angels are so much more than just parking attendants for sure ! 
Go ahead put it to the test ask the Angels what u want, keep that gratitude diary, and they may just surprise you! Have faith, and I'm not talking about the religious type of faith, but the KNOWING  kinda faith that makes everything in this incredible universe of ours work spontaneously, like nature.
I for one have complete faith in these celestial beings and see daily the miracles the Angels bestow on us.