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Monday, 30 November 2015


The battle of TRUTH versus EGO

Sometimes the TRUTH is tough to face, truth doesn't ever back down because it doesn't know how to, it is TRUTH after all.
All of us had to at one time or another face the truth about a situation.
It wakes you up in the darkest hour of the night, random times in the day, it is there with you forcing you to face it deal with it.
Then there is EGO fickle, always wanting to be right, making excuses for the situation, giving you 'but's' and maybes, and false hope about truth but never reality.
We cling onto ego's reasons for as long as we can.
TRUTH doesn't do that, truth  is solid, real and stern and never goes away.
That is until you accept it, embrace it and realise it is not the enemy.
Truth is a gift and once we stop avoiding truth and have the courage to face it, we see that truth is kind and real and showing you another path.

Moral of this story: TRUTH is liquid steel that flows through us, giving us the strength and courage to deal with anything, so follow your truth and not your ego
Much love ❤️❤️❤️

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