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Friday, 6 November 2015


An act to choose between two or more possibilities.

Everyday most of us are faced with choices, some may be life changing some not so much.
The fact is every choice you make has got a consequence, and I'm not saying necessarily bad or good just a consequence.
 If you don't choose the right mattress you certainly will not get a good night sleep, just as important as what you choose to do with your life or who you choose to have in your life.
There is this James Allen quote "circumstances do not make the man, they reveal him"
This can be said about your choices as your life stands now is a result of your choices.
The point I'm making is this, make your choices for yourself your own happiness , not based on what's expected from you or what you believe people will think of you.
Step back from any preconceived ideas or from past believes you may have about yourself.
Go into your neutral zone and FEEL then make your choice.
A few years ago I came into a sum of money, friends and family (because they love me) gave me safe advise, buy a property,  buy shares, put the money in the bank in savings.
Well of course I didn't do any of that , I spent  all of it! 
One day I was on top of mt. Maunganui in the snow , the next on the beach watching surfers in Bali and the next watching the great Southern Right whales birthing in Hermanus , Cape Town . Was that the "right" choice.
If you could see me now, you will see the biggest smile on my face.
I chose what was right for me and my happiness after all I have to live with my choices nobody else, so you know what to do, make your choices based on your happiness.
A miserable person is a BURDEN to everyone around them.

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