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Thursday, 29 October 2015


WHAT a DREADFUL LITTLE word a complete failure in itself !  In my humble opinion it doesn't even exist , just made up by someone in society that wanted to feel better about their own lives.

This creepy little word came  up in a chat I had with my friend Emily ( I dedicate this post to you gorgeous one ) 

I don't believe in the word failure , and this is why.

My list of failures ( and this is the short version )

1.At 13 I fail my school year!! Shock and horror in an academic family, humiliation and embarrassment.

So I get moved to a new school and what happens there , well I only go and meet the most awesome person , my girlfriend Hannetjie who over the years came to my emotional rescue through many many FAILURES a true rock in my life.

2. BANKRUPTCY..... Oops , in a society that money and stuff means success , not such a great move . MY VIEW on the situation , great I can start over and sort my shit out and even though I was stripped bare from stuff , my CHANEL body soap was still priority, what can I say a girl loves quality.

3. DIVORCE.... Failure most definitely NOT , We had served our purpose  to each other and I can happily report that my ex has found and married his true soul mate for life and is super happy !

As for me I have boomed like a supernova , travelled the world , accepted that I am a free spirit and has even taking up blogging !!! Life is great .

MORAL of the story , am I a failure , never and neither are you ride this roller coaster called life with all the up's and downs and laugh in the face of FAILURE!!!

Wednesday, 28 October 2015


This word came to me just before I fell asleep last night and was still twirling inside my head like a mini tornado this morning.

MAJESTIC, what did it have to say, what is this word all about? 

My mind conjures up an imposing mountain range,the vastness of the ocean, and finally grains of sand on an endless beach. I grab my iPad and start the search.


A display of great dignity or nobility. 

Far superior to everyday stuff.

Lofty or imposing.

Then to my great surprise I come across this, it is used to discribe the voice of God. 'Gods majestic voice thunders his commands'

And just as interesting used in this context 'Majestic in Gods holiness' Holiness of course deriving from the word whole, entire or complete.

Yet that was not the end of it ! Belonging to or befitting a supreme ruler, this word is not to be ignored.

So here is my conclusion, as we clearly are the rulers of our own lives we are all majestic. 

In the world of fashion MAJESTIC would be the new black.

MAJESTIC has got the power to banish doubts, like the voice of God, it is solid and demands attention like a mountain , it weathers STORMS and CHANGE with DIGNITY and it is far SUPERIOR to the everyday stuff.


Sunday, 25 October 2015


This word is so BIG that it humbles me to talk about it.

Ultimately we all know that happiness is an internal emotion and comes from truly connecting with Spirit. Loving  and accepting yourself , being non judgemental, discarding all labels.

Understanding the importance of having fun, being curious about life and the search TOWARDS your passion.

Finding your passion can be challenging of course, it can be a little bit like playing hide and seek willing you to find it, yet knowing that when the time is right and you are ready to attract your passion , love and happiness into your life it happens.

Then there is the other version , the illusion of happiness. The believe that people or things can create your happiness, the search for external happiness.

FRAGILE happiness.

External happiness is like soap bubbles , they shimmer in the sun , they so exquisite to look at, we feel elated at the sight of them they make us laugh and feel happy, they bring delight to everyone who sees them,  you want to chase them capture them floating up to the sky all shapes and sizes and we are engaged in this moment of happiness.

OOPS.... POP, where did they go , some bump into things on there way, something or someone pops one, and some of them just floats to high and pop all by themselves.

MORAL of the story: 

Don't get caught up in the illusion of external happiness. Those are the bubbles, the stuff, the people, enjoy them for what they are, in the moment.

Don't stress when they gone , go make some more, it is just soapy water after all, but do cherish your internal source of happiness. The one and only YOU.


Thursday, 22 October 2015


You may think this is a odd word so let me explain.

Indecisive people live in a hallway, the commitment phoebes , we have all come across them somewhere along our lives.


They love living here , it gives them options , they sit back on that comfy old sofa in the hallway and look at the open doors around them , then they flit in and out as they wish having a little taster of life, what that door has to offer , then of course after a while they remember the other doors and head right back to the hallway.

The moral of my little story is this , firstly never get trapped in the hallway or with a hallway dweller.

Walk through whichever door you choose close it firmly behind you and a multitude of doors will open ahead of you ! Go live life to the extreme and leave the dwellers to keep dwelling until they are to old to make choices and their options has diminished.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015



In my first Language we have a little saying 'moenie die bobbejaan agter die berg haal nie ' 

TRANSLATION : don't fret about something the hasn't happened and most likely never will.

Even saying the word sounds heavy and loaded with negativity , trapping us sending us down a spiralling road of doom.Twisting reality within an inch of its life.

Deepak says we recycle the same old thoughts day in and day out BLAH BLAH, and BLAH ! Enough take control Lady's , you are the boss here.

Now BREATH , CHANT, ANCHOR , Whatever it takes ! And if everything else fails , call one of your male friend, trust me he will laugh , roll he's eyes call u a nutter and move on. Your call lady's. Ditch the overthinking.

Monday, 19 October 2015


So today I was chatting to my friend Haylee and I ask her what word she wanted? SPLURGE  she says no hesitation and that is how she rolls , and of course I love the challenge !! 

The Urban dictionary says the following about the word Splurge.

To spend money freely with no remorse and very little consequence to your bank account.This to me sounds like true manifesting ability.

To indulge in an extravagant expense or luxury! Indulge yourself .

Well girls this is the word for the believers in 'the more you spend the more you get! money is energy and if you spend with love and carefree it can only come back to you with love and carefree! 

Every morning and evening I listen to my GURU DEEPAK CHOPRA's  Carefree Living meditation. 

I suggest if you struggle to SPLURGE listen to this meditating on YouTube and start splurging and manifesting NO GUILT involved ! 

Sunday, 18 October 2015


Today's word is possibly the most important word I have come across , in my journey.I found it when I was reading The Alchemist , by the genius Paulo Coelho , be sure to read all the wonderful books by him.

MAKTUB , it is simplistic , and carries magic with it. Arabic in its origin , and means 'IT IS WRITTEN', so wherever  place you are at completely trust your journey.

Thursday, 15 October 2015


This smiley little word , my lovely friend Jane found on a trip to France , when I ask asked  her if she had a word she wanted to share ,she was super excited about SANGUINE so here it is 

DEFINITION: Cheerfully optimistic, hopeful or confident !! A sanguine disposition , sanguine expectations.


Wednesday, 14 October 2015


For some of us balance falls straight into "THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE" category !

This word can conjure up a feeling of dread , and I can just imagine how many of you are freaked out right now and want to move straight onto the next word.

In my overactive mind the first thing that pops into it,is a woman  on a tightrope , including the balancing bar on the highest mountain, the wind blowing against her ......ok enough now you crazy old mind, calm yourself down.
So yes I completely understand your panic, but do not fear this is not impossible to change.
Take back your power over your time.
Draw a circle , now divide accordingly how much time you spend on your work , family , friends and the most important your 'you' time.
What does this reveal to you ? Of course  the ideal situation would be equal time for each , however for the majority of us the 'you' time will be the least.
How can you give and be the best version of yourself if indeed , you neglect yourself the most ?
I am sure a lot of you think it is impossible to get a more balanced life, so why don't you ask everyone around you to do the circle challenge, if nothing else it will make them all think about how they spend their time and how much of yours they take up.
Make it your intent to say NO to people demanding your time unnecessary And see how it goes.
Start small , but do start claiming back your time Even if it is one day , one week one month at a time people adapt and before you know it you have achieved the 'IMPOSSIBLE"

Tuesday, 13 October 2015


Hope is such a soft word , yet so powerful and very important.

It is the kind of word that , takes us by the hand , guides us , drag us or sometimes even run with us through life.

We sometimes cling onto it as if a life jacket, it makes us see the light at the end of the tunnel.
It shows us our vulnerable side.
When I did my research on Hope , I stumbled upon the story of Pandora's Box , and nothing could explain why this word exist better than that.

After all the evil's were unleashed upon us , HOPE fluttered out last , this will always bring a smile to my face knowing whatever happens HOPE is there to save the day 


What a fabulous little word , it can say so much and yet so little at the same time .
Finding that perfect lipstick , colour , texture and staying power !Now that is a huge WOW.
Then before we know it , and yes girls the story of our lives , some crazy person decides it's time to DISCONTINUE It 😳, a bit like life , things change , we adapt and when u let go you find the next perfect LIPPY ! You tell all your girlfriends about it and WOW life is good.
This little word shouts , admiration , shock , bliss and a million other emotions , so embrace your WOW moments , and understand it and your awesomeness .😀🎈

Sunday, 11 October 2015



And that is a fact ! Words run in and out of our lives, days, mouths every minute of the day.
 Do we ever STOP and think about the words we use? 
 What do they really mean and how do they affect our lives ? The minute we utter a word a feeling connects itself to it, every day we shape our lives, by what falls out of our mouths, yet we can be so careless about it. 

Some words are natural uplifting ..., some fill us with dread the minute we say or think about them....,some words are like a spiders web glistening in the sun all shimmering attracting us trapping  us in the past.

We have the fun words that make us smile, the naughty ones that make us giggle and leave a glint in our eyes.

The big serious ones that make us sit up and take note.
The Dangerous ones, the negative ones that seeps deep down into our souls anchor themselves and grow like parasites, be very aware of these.
We have the ones that instills fear just at the thought or mention of them, look them straigh on and conquer these!take away any power they have over you.

Then of cause we have the positive ones that for some reason we only allow to bounce in and straight out of our minds. These positive words however carry magic with them and each time they bounce in they drop seeds , it is it to us to nurture these seeds , spend time with them ,let them grow and flourish and in turn helping us to do the same.
I am a story teller so come on this journey with me and let's explore WORDS. Share experiences, thoughts,feelings,emotions and let us become aware of the words we use.
Interact with me, write  down whatever words pop into your head and see what falls down on paper or on this blog.
If nothing else it sure will reveal a lot that goes on in your mind get did of those pesky ones that that fly around and around in your head!! This way they are dealt with.

Much Love and have fun WOMAN❤️WORDS