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Thursday, 22 October 2015


You may think this is a odd word so let me explain.

Indecisive people live in a hallway, the commitment phoebes , we have all come across them somewhere along our lives.


They love living here , it gives them options , they sit back on that comfy old sofa in the hallway and look at the open doors around them , then they flit in and out as they wish having a little taster of life, what that door has to offer , then of course after a while they remember the other doors and head right back to the hallway.

The moral of my little story is this , firstly never get trapped in the hallway or with a hallway dweller.

Walk through whichever door you choose close it firmly behind you and a multitude of doors will open ahead of you ! Go live life to the extreme and leave the dwellers to keep dwelling until they are to old to make choices and their options has diminished.

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