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Sunday, 25 October 2015


This word is so BIG that it humbles me to talk about it.

Ultimately we all know that happiness is an internal emotion and comes from truly connecting with Spirit. Loving  and accepting yourself , being non judgemental, discarding all labels.

Understanding the importance of having fun, being curious about life and the search TOWARDS your passion.

Finding your passion can be challenging of course, it can be a little bit like playing hide and seek willing you to find it, yet knowing that when the time is right and you are ready to attract your passion , love and happiness into your life it happens.

Then there is the other version , the illusion of happiness. The believe that people or things can create your happiness, the search for external happiness.

FRAGILE happiness.

External happiness is like soap bubbles , they shimmer in the sun , they so exquisite to look at, we feel elated at the sight of them they make us laugh and feel happy, they bring delight to everyone who sees them,  you want to chase them capture them floating up to the sky all shapes and sizes and we are engaged in this moment of happiness.

OOPS.... POP, where did they go , some bump into things on there way, something or someone pops one, and some of them just floats to high and pop all by themselves.

MORAL of the story: 

Don't get caught up in the illusion of external happiness. Those are the bubbles, the stuff, the people, enjoy them for what they are, in the moment.

Don't stress when they gone , go make some more, it is just soapy water after all, but do cherish your internal source of happiness. The one and only YOU.


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