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Wednesday, 14 October 2015


For some of us balance falls straight into "THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE" category !

This word can conjure up a feeling of dread , and I can just imagine how many of you are freaked out right now and want to move straight onto the next word.

In my overactive mind the first thing that pops into it,is a woman  on a tightrope , including the balancing bar on the highest mountain, the wind blowing against her ......ok enough now you crazy old mind, calm yourself down.
So yes I completely understand your panic, but do not fear this is not impossible to change.
Take back your power over your time.
Draw a circle , now divide accordingly how much time you spend on your work , family , friends and the most important your 'you' time.
What does this reveal to you ? Of course  the ideal situation would be equal time for each , however for the majority of us the 'you' time will be the least.
How can you give and be the best version of yourself if indeed , you neglect yourself the most ?
I am sure a lot of you think it is impossible to get a more balanced life, so why don't you ask everyone around you to do the circle challenge, if nothing else it will make them all think about how they spend their time and how much of yours they take up.
Make it your intent to say NO to people demanding your time unnecessary And see how it goes.
Start small , but do start claiming back your time Even if it is one day , one week one month at a time people adapt and before you know it you have achieved the 'IMPOSSIBLE"

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