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Thursday, 29 October 2015


WHAT a DREADFUL LITTLE word a complete failure in itself !  In my humble opinion it doesn't even exist , just made up by someone in society that wanted to feel better about their own lives.

This creepy little word came  up in a chat I had with my friend Emily ( I dedicate this post to you gorgeous one ) 

I don't believe in the word failure , and this is why.

My list of failures ( and this is the short version )

1.At 13 I fail my school year!! Shock and horror in an academic family, humiliation and embarrassment.

So I get moved to a new school and what happens there , well I only go and meet the most awesome person , my girlfriend Hannetjie who over the years came to my emotional rescue through many many FAILURES a true rock in my life.

2. BANKRUPTCY..... Oops , in a society that money and stuff means success , not such a great move . MY VIEW on the situation , great I can start over and sort my shit out and even though I was stripped bare from stuff , my CHANEL body soap was still priority, what can I say a girl loves quality.

3. DIVORCE.... Failure most definitely NOT , We had served our purpose  to each other and I can happily report that my ex has found and married his true soul mate for life and is super happy !

As for me I have boomed like a supernova , travelled the world , accepted that I am a free spirit and has even taking up blogging !!! Life is great .

MORAL of the story , am I a failure , never and neither are you ride this roller coaster called life with all the up's and downs and laugh in the face of FAILURE!!!

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