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Sunday, 11 October 2015



And that is a fact ! Words run in and out of our lives, days, mouths every minute of the day.
 Do we ever STOP and think about the words we use? 
 What do they really mean and how do they affect our lives ? The minute we utter a word a feeling connects itself to it, every day we shape our lives, by what falls out of our mouths, yet we can be so careless about it. 

Some words are natural uplifting ..., some fill us with dread the minute we say or think about them....,some words are like a spiders web glistening in the sun all shimmering attracting us trapping  us in the past.

We have the fun words that make us smile, the naughty ones that make us giggle and leave a glint in our eyes.

The big serious ones that make us sit up and take note.
The Dangerous ones, the negative ones that seeps deep down into our souls anchor themselves and grow like parasites, be very aware of these.
We have the ones that instills fear just at the thought or mention of them, look them straigh on and conquer these!take away any power they have over you.

Then of cause we have the positive ones that for some reason we only allow to bounce in and straight out of our minds. These positive words however carry magic with them and each time they bounce in they drop seeds , it is it to us to nurture these seeds , spend time with them ,let them grow and flourish and in turn helping us to do the same.
I am a story teller so come on this journey with me and let's explore WORDS. Share experiences, thoughts,feelings,emotions and let us become aware of the words we use.
Interact with me, write  down whatever words pop into your head and see what falls down on paper or on this blog.
If nothing else it sure will reveal a lot that goes on in your mind get did of those pesky ones that that fly around and around in your head!! This way they are dealt with.

Much Love and have fun WOMAN❤️WORDS

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