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Friday, 10 June 2016


A pale sandy fawn colour- brownish yellow WOW what the hell does that even mean, but wait it doesn't stop there!! 
Fawn, oatmeal, sandy, sand, putty,what does some of these colours even mean? blah blah and so it goes on at least 20 something descriptions of the word BEIGE.
Who would have guessed BEIGE  doesn't even know what colour it's supposed to be.
Actually  perhaps that makes perfect sense.
Take a minute and think about yourself, what colour are you? compared to, what colour you would like to be. 
So let's go on chatting about BEIGE.
To my absolute delight and amusement the ' URBAN DICTIONARY' nailed this for me in one. 

A person that is normal to the point of being bland. No style, works a 9-5 job, does not express their individuality. These people can be found in Starbucks, often wearing neutral color clothes, perhaps from the GAP, while sipping a latte and discussing last nights t.v. shows as if the characters were their friends. In group settings it can be difficult to tell them apart. Beige people often never stray from their path or pack. These people commonly experience more eccentric life through others.

Don't get me wrong I love the BEIGIES, for one they make me shine even brighter when I'm around them, outrages in fact the entire spectrum of the rainbow. 

This is what I would like you to PONDER are you a true BEIGE or are you a rainbow wanting to break out of your BEIGE exsistance 

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