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Thursday, 6 October 2016


Silence is golden or not...... when you are a blogger. For weeks now the right word has been more elusive than a Yogi finding enlightenment in the Himalayan mountains.

Then eureka, it arrived this morning with all its wisdom!!

Having or characterised by a fundamental weakness or imperfection. 
WOW a bit harsh universe if you ask me, but hey I did ask for it.
I had to strip myself bare and face the harsh realities of my FLAWS
So here we go... between google and Wikipedia I would like to thank them for the information I collected.

The origin of the word flawed is perhaps old Norse "flaga" meaning flake of snow.

INTERESTING, can't be that bad then snowflakes are super special.
Further research exposed the flaws in diamonds, 'sweet as" I'm happy now as diamonds are exquisite FLAWED or not.
Little did I know just how FLAWED and how many flaws these lovely stones from the earth possess.
To mention just a few:
Pinpoint inclusions, needles, cloud knots, grain lines, feathers, inter-growths, cleavage, etch, channel and last but not least bearing.

 With  each of these flaws comes a very detailed discription indeed. Who would have thought.
If these little beauties are so FLAWED and get judged to hell and gone, what does that say about us mere mortals!!! Me and my many "flaws" are dammed to hell and back.

Then comes the best part, happiness and relieve flows back into my dammed soul.
Diamonds flaws are not always negative features. In fact, these flaws often lend a diamond it's distinct beauty and gives it that Brilliant shine.

So next time you and I are judged by our flaws, turn  your face to the sun sparkle and dazzle like never before and  radiate your awesomeness knowing the flaws you carry is The unique, complete YOU. Shine on sister.


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