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Wednesday, 27 July 2016



What a"sweet as"fandabulous word! This is my most favourite word ever.
ABRACADABRA conjures magic, mystery and power. 
How, when or where the word ABRACADABRA came  into existence is as mystical as the use for it.
It"s origin has been claimed as an Aramaic phrase, the Hebrew language as well as the Romans and Greeks to name but a few. 
What we can not despute is that it has been forever part of our life's, and that it carries magic. 

It is used to give the impression of arcane knowledge and power.
It is used as a charm to ward of the most serious of illness. 
It is used as an incarnation by magicians.

For me the most exciting use for ABRACADABRA is its power to manifest and create.
From today it will  be my daily MANTRA, 'It comes to pass as it is spoken" TA DA
So here goes ABRACADABRA I now am the blessed owner of a FREE LIFE, unlimited abundance in every positive way shape and form in this eternity and any future cosmics! DONE.

GO ON ABRACADABRA whatever you choose and make it HUGE like the word itself! 
As you conjure so it will be.
Much love W❤️W

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