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Thursday, 12 January 2017



When I decided which word to dedicate my blog too, so many seemed perfect but none really stuck in this inquisitive mind of mine. Then suddenly 
"JANUARY " stuck.

REALLY ? You must be kidding me. JANUARY means nothing to me, In fact dull dull, how on earth am I gonna find something exciting and inspiring to say about JANUARY.
Mmmm ok google let's see what we can come up with.
How wrong was I !

Totally intrigued this is what I found.

JANUARY is named after the Roman God, 
JANUS has two heads looking in opposite directions, representing the paradox that January brings about, endings and new beginnings.
The left face reflects on the past, the right on the future. Simultaneously connecting past and futute
I found this truly fascinating as most of us either focus to much on the past, or hang onto tomorrow.
JANUS represents the paradox that allows us to meditate on both, memories coming together in one simultaneous moment allowing us to extract What we need from the past, sending us into the future to flourish, free from the old, yet not dismissing the essence of both sides 

WOW JANUARY u truly blew my mind respect!!

And as for GOD JANUS from now on you are one of my favourites and pleased to meet you, see you 
again in 2018

I know what my Mantra is for 2017 "ROCK&RULE 
Much Love 

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