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Monday, 23 May 2016


I am that child that used to sit staring out the window of the classroom, dreaming the hours away, filling my head and heart with exciting places stories and possibilities.
That was until the the teachers ruler slammed down on my desk with an almighty bang making me jump out of my skin "HARSH' this of course was accompanied with a letter my parents had to sign complaining about their dreamer waisting the schools time and will certainly not achieve anything in this solid academic world.

Well nothing has changed I still am the dreamer extraodanair and spend hours visualising/dreaming 
Natuarally my next move was to google the meaning of dreaming 'not dreams' But DREAMTIME so... This is what I found, something so very special it made me smile my dreamy smile.... Enjoy 

The Dreamtime is the Aboriginal understanding of the world, of it's creation, and it's great stories. The Dreamtime is the beginning of knowledge, from which came the laws of existence. For survival these laws must be observed.

The Dreaming world was the old time of the Ancestor Beings. They emerged from the earth at the time of the creation. Time began in the world the moment these supernatural beings were "born out of their own Eternity". 

So the next time you lovely dreamer when u get frowned upon for dreaming your dream, do tell them if it wasn't for our dreamers this universe and their boring arses wouldn't have been here!
Keep dreaming much love W❤️W

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