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Sunday, 15 May 2016


SASSY: lively, bold and full of spirit.
Possessing a attitude with a ungodly amount of cool !!
 Not my words but the top definition in Google 

So before I talk more about the awesome SASSY , I'm going slightly deepish but no panic bare with me ❤️

Being a creature in this evolved universe I have had to learn to use all of my fourfold brain, heart and ego. 
I know mind blowing right? 
Let me explain and I quote " 1. Our brain, with its ganglia extensions throughout the body, is figuratively speaking, an instrument of the heart.
2. Our heart in return, is an instrument or representative of the universal function of life itself.
3. Our brain and body are manifestations of that  universal hearts diversity or individual expression" and so it goes on my head is aching and I haven't even got to nr.4. 
But thanx Joseph chillton Pearce for that bit if information.

So my point is this no wonder we get a bit confused and fucked up dealing with this brain heart combo.
This week my W❤️W community all we going to do is be SASSY and forget all the rest. 
It's all about the SAS , be bold , full of spirit and UBER Cool 
Much ❤️❤️❤️

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