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Wednesday, 11 May 2016


If the word EXPECTATION was a seed that you plant, what kind of tree would grow from it ?  
Not being a fan of "expectation' in my case the seed will be a poisonous thorn tree😀 don't get me wrong like anything some expectations are acceptable in very small doses, a certain standard and even those vary from person to person.

On my travels to NewZealand I stayed at one if the most beautiful places in Raglan called Karioi lodge.
To be able to do my research on words and how it affects people I decided to take a room with four beds, this meant throughout the month I shared this space with many travelers from all over the world male and female and all ages.

Why do we feel the need to put expectations on any other human being and even ourselves? 
These where some of the expectations I heard from my fellow free spirits that just wants to travel and experience the world.

'My mom wants me to be married and have children when I get back , this experience traveling has made me want to travel more I feel so guilty' 

' I met someone on my travels but my family expect me to marry a guy from my own culture and town '

'I'm expected to go home and go to university, it is not want I want to do, just thinking about it is stressing me'

And so it went on !!! 
These fun loving free spirits feeling trapped in the expectation of someone else's dream or choice for them.

So this is my question where does unconditional love future in expectations? 

Much love W❤️W

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